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Tile adhesives

688 ELASTIFIX – Elastic, ready for use tile adhesive for large tiles.

By  Last updated: 23rd April 2011

688 ELASTIFIX – Elastic, ready-for-use tile adhesive for large tiles.

Basis     Ready-for-use dispersion adhesive with an acrylic base.
Colour     Light grey.
Product advantages:

* Very high initial adhesion strength
* Moisture-resistant
* Applicable from 0° C
Specific weight     1.5 kg/l.
Spreading capacity     1.0-2.5 kg/m², depending on the smoothness of the subfloor and type of tile. See also illustration of the spreaders.
Classification     Elastic dispersion-based tile adhesive, which as far as final bond strength and moisture-resistance complies with D2T, according to NEN EN 12004.
Moisture-resistance     After drying 688 Elastifix is moisture-resistant and therefore very suitable for application in the so-called ‘wet areas’. The adhesive cannot be used under water (swimming pools).
Alkali resistance     688 Elastifix is resistant against an alkaline environment.
Flammability     Non-flammable.
For fixing:

* heavy tiles
* large tiles
* wall tiles
* tiles with a moisture-absorption capacity < 3%
* mosaic
* natural stone
* building and insulation materials.

NB: Fix light-coloured natural stone and glass-mosaic with 681 Marmercol or 711 Uniflex.

On almost all walls, e.g.:

* cement-based mortar layer
* plasterboards
* concrete, cellular concrete
* gypsum plasterwork, plaster blocks
* old tiles
* various sheet material
* sand-lime brick elements.
Working temperature     From 0¡Æ to 25¡Æ C (temperature of the surrounding as well as the subfloor).
Initial adhesion
Due to the high initial adhesion strength, heavy and/or large tiles can be fixed without a waiting time
Open time     15-20 Minutes, depending on the subfloor and temperature.
Drying time     Minimum 24 hours, depending on the subfloor and temperature. Lower temperatures will slow down the drying time..
Storage     Store free from frost. Protect against temperatures > 35¢ª C.

Shelf life
12 Months, in unopened packaging.
Attention     It is recommended to wear gloves during application.


* 688 Elastifix is suitable for almost all walls, which are clean, free from dust and grease, smooth and dry, according to the requirements of DIN 18 352.
* If necessary level stony walls with 659 Wandolite or 658 Wandoforte.
* Apply 099 Dispersion Primer on all moisture-absorbent walls.
* In accordance with the manufacturers recommendations gypsum plasterwork has to be at least 10 mm thick,
* For bonding of the adhesive, either the tile and/or the subfloor should be able to absorb moisture.
* In advance always seek our technical data sheets. In doubt about the application ask for technical advice.

Directions for use:

* Apply the adhesive on the wall and make adhesive strips with the recommended adhesive spreader (see spreading capacity/notched spreader).
* Place the tiles immediately with a shuffling movement into the adhesive. On impervious subfloors wait for max. 10-15 minutes to allow the adhesive to set-off, before placing the tiles.
* After drying of the adhesive (at least 24 hours) the joints can be filled with Eurocol grouting cement.
* Clean tools and hands immediately with water.

15 kg bucket.
Spreading capacity/notched spreader for ready-for-use tile adhesives:
The smoothness of the subfloor and type of tile are determining for the adhesive spreader to be used. For walls inside a minimum adhesive transport of 60% is required (divided over the back of the tile).

Our dispersion-based tile adhesives are certified according to the European standard NEN-EN 12004.

f 688 Elastifix

After the project advice by one of our technical advisers our technical department will send the available guarantee statements free of charge.

This department can be reached by:

Telephone     +31 (0)75 627 16 00
Fax     +31 (0)75 622 39 16

Safety data sheets
Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155

d 688 Elastifix

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