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Morflex Plus-premium grade cement-based flexible tile adhesive-Technical Data Sheet.

By  Last updated: 18th January 2013

Morflex Plus-premium grade cement-based flexible tile adhesive-Technical Data Sheet.

Morflex Plus is a cost effective premium grade flexible tile adhesive. It is a powdered cement-based, polymer modified adhesive used to bond all types of tiles to a variety of substrates. The larger volume bag gives an extra 2-3 square metres per bag offering better value than other similar tile adhesives.

Morflex Plus is unsuitable for:

* bonding moisture sensitive green marble;
* bonding to painted walls, MDF board, (timber and wax impregnated wood must be sheeted with fibre cement sheeting);
* substrates subject to constant water immersion such as swimming pools.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be tiled must be flat and true, free from oil, dirt, grease or any other contaminants. Very porous surfaces should be primed with Plastinex (1 part Plastinex mixed with 4 parts water).

Concrete : New concrete must be allowed to cure for 6 weeks and should have a wood flat finish. When finished with a steel trowel, concrete must be acid etched, using Floor Prep.

Cement Render : Render to be left with a wood float finish and allowed to cure for 7 days.

Fibre Cement Sheets : Compressed fibre sheets should be primed with Plastinex (1 part Plastinex mixed with 4 parts water) and all joints to be taped with PVC duct tape and fixed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Plasterboard : Must be fixed as per manufacturer’s instructions. Jointing compound must be primed with Plastinex (1 part Plastinex mixed with 4 parts water).

Mixing Morflex Plus

Add Morflex Plus to clean water at a ratio of 20 kg to 6 litres of water. Mix product to a smooth paste free from lumps by using a drill that has a speed lower than 300 rpm, or mix by hand. Slacken the adhesive and re-mix after 5 minutes.

Pot Life

Morflex Plus has a pot life of approximately 1-2 hours at 20oC and 50% relative humidity.

Open Time

Morflex Plus has an open time of approximately 30 minutes, which can be shortened to just a few minutes by the action of sun, wind, high temperatures or highly absorbent surfaces. Tilers need to constantly check that the adhesive has not formed a surface skin and is still fresh to the touch.

Wetting or priming the substrate prior to tiling prolongs the open time of the adhesive. It is not advisable to wet the adhesive when it has formed a skin as water only increases the rate of cement hydration and will result in an anti adhesive film. Skinned adhesive must always be removed and disposed of.


Always install the tiles in accordance with AS 3958 1:1991 and ensure the backs of the tiles are free of dust. Spread Morflex Plus evenly across one square metre at a time with a 6 x 6 x 6 notched trowel for walls or a 10 x 10 x 10 notched trowel for floors. The choice of trowel should be governed by the depth of the knobs, grooves or ridges on the back of the tile and the evenness of the substrate.

Lay the tiles with a fair pressure and at right angles to the notched pattern.

The final bed of adhesive should be between 2mm and 4mm. Wall tiles should have a finished joint width of 2mm – 4mm and floor files a finished joint width of 3mm – 6mm. Tiles can be adjusted for approximately 10-15 minutes after laying.


20 kgs of Morflex Plus will cover approximately 8-10 square metres with a 10mm notched trowel for floors and/or 11-12 square metres with a 6mm notched trowel.

Dry Time

Morflex Plus dries in approximately 6 hours and cured within 24 hours at 23oC and 50% relative humidity. It may require longer times to cure for denser tiles and substrates or at installation temperatures below 10oC.

Expansion Joints

Joint Grouting

Grouting may commence after approximately 6 hours (depending on variables such as sun, heat, wind, etc.)

Shelf Life

Morflex Plus can be stored in the original packaging in a dry elevated position for 12 months.


Morflex Plus is available in 20kg paper sacks.


Product Datasheet



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