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Tile adhesives


By  Last updated: 18th January 2013


dentification: A mould resistant ready mixed thin-bed adhesive for fixing ceramic wall tiles and mosaics
which is also used to grout the tile joints after fixing. Non-slip. Enables walls to be tiled
without the need of battens, fast setting (allowing tiling and grouting the same day) and a
good white colour. Water based, waterproof, non-flammable. Fixes tiles to plaster,
concrete, wood, paint, brick, plasterboard.
Manufactured by Henkel Consumer Adhesives.

Uses/Applications: UniBond All Purpose Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesive and Grout may be used for damp or wet
service conditions and will adhere to a wide variety of backgrounds. Used for tiling
showers and around baths and wash-basins. Additionally it may be used whenever a
conventional, non-waterproof, ready to use tile adhesive would be specified.
Limitations/Misuse: Not suitable for swimming pools. Should not be used as water barrier or near fireplace
openings. Internal use only. Not a flexible adhesive.
Compliance with Henkel Consumer Adhesives is certified by DQS (Certificate Registration
standards number : 003052 QM/UM) as a company operating a Quality Management System to BS
EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Composition: A filled acrylic copolymer emulsion, with fungicide added
Colour: White.
Physical Properties:
Appearance: Smooth paste.
Odours: Slight odour whilst the adhesive dries.
Performance: Structural, Mechanical
UniBond Advanced All Purpose Wall Tile Adhesive and Grout conforms to the
requirements of BS EN 12004 Class D2E.
Fire: Non-flammable.
Water: When the adhesive has dried it is water resistant and will withstand water immersion.
Suitable for showers, splash-backs, etc.
Chemicals: Resistant to petrol, oils, weak alkalis, etc. Not resistant to acids or aromatic and ketone
Biological: Contains a preservative and does not support the growth of bacterial of fungi.
Thermal: Suitable for service temperature up to 80°C.
Durability/Reliability: In dry or intermittently wet conditions – indefinite.
Compatibility with
other products: Compatible with most building surfaces.

Working Characteristics:
Rheology: Easy spread viscous paste.
Working time: Tiles may be placed up to 20 minutes after spreading the adhesive.
Cure time: Can grout as little as four hours after fixing tiles on a porous background. Allow 8 hours
when tiling onto non-porous surfaces. In normal conditions full bond strength and water
resistance is achieved within 14 days. Adhesive must be able to dry through. Showers,
etc, however, are normally usable two days after grouting.
Cure Type: Water evaporation.
Temperature Range: Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C. Frost free conditions are required during curing.
Coverage: 0.9 sq metres per litre if spread by notched trowel. Approximately 0.3 sq metres per litre
as 3 mm bed. (Coverages given are for fixing and grouting).
Shelf Life: At least 24 months in unopened containers. Protect from freezing.
Architect’s Specification Clause
The adhesive to be used shall be UniBond All Purpose Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesive and Grout. It shall be used and
applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Health & Safety
This material is safe in normal use. However, with any material, good hygiene practices should be followed: Do not
take internal. Keep out of eyes. Keep away from children and animals. Wash off skin with soap and water before it
dries. People with sensitive skin should wear rubber gloves. This product contains a fungicide.
For full details see separate Henkel Health and Safety Data Sheet available on request.
First Aid Procedure: See separate Henkel Health and Safety Data Sheet available on request.
Emergency Action: See separate Henkel Health and Safety Data Sheet available on request.
Prices and conditions of sales: See separate Henkel Price List available on request.
Advisory Service
For technical or practical advice on this or any other UniBond product, please contact our Technical Services
Department on Winsford (01606) 593933. Fax: (01606) 863762.
The information supplied in our literature or given by our employees, concerning the use of our products is based
upon extensive experience and given in good faith in order to help you. We also guarantee the consistent high
quality of our products; however, as we have no control over site conditions or the execution of the work, we accept
no liability for any loss or damage which may arise as a result thereof.
Technical Services
Henkel Consumer Adhesives
Road 5
Winsford Industrial Estate
Winsford Cheshire CW7 3QY
Telephone: 01606 593933
Fax: 01606 863762

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