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Tile adhesives

Davco SE-7 is a premium grade, thick or thin bed, offwhite cement-based adhesive

By  Last updated: 18th May 2012


Davco SE-7 is a premium grade, thick or thin bed, offwhite
cement-based adhesive. It has been specifically
formulated to provide superior coverage, smoother /
easier application, longer open time and extra high bond
strength for the fixing of tiles onto various substrates. It
can be modified with Davelastic for use in immersed
areas or for heavy or large tiles
SE-7 is classified C1 when tested to AS4992
SE-7 when mixed with a 1:1 gauged mixture of
Davelastic is classified C1S2E when tested to AS4992
• May be used on both walls and floors, in interior and
exterior applications.
• May be used to fix tiles onto concrete, cement
renders/screeds, blockwork, rendered brickwork and
particular waterproofing membranes.
• May be used to patch / level out imperfections on
the concrete, render or screed surfaces.
• Davco SE-7 is recommended for the thin or thick
bed fixing of all types of ceramic, mosaic, vitrified,
porcelain, terracotta, slate, quarry, granite and
marble tiles, with the exception of green marbles.
• When modified with Davelastic (diluted 1:1 with
water) the system may be used to fix tiles onto
facades, to fix tiles in immersed situations (such as.
swimming pools, spas and similar areas). Contact
Davco if further information is required.
• May be used for fixing wall tiles onto flexible building
boards such as fibre cement sheeting and
plasterboard, when modified with Davelastic.
• All surfaces must be structurally sound, dry, clean
and free from movement, oil, grease, wax, curing
compounds and any other loose or contaminating
• Painted surfaces must be scabbled/abraded to
expose at least 80% of porous substrate.
• Newly rendered/screeded surfaces must be allowed
to cure for at least 7 days and have a wood float
• Old rendered/screeded surfaces must be thoroughly
cleaned prior to tiling and have a wood float finish.
• New concrete must be allowed to cure for 6 weeks
and should have a wood float finish.
• Steel trowel finished concrete must be acid etched
or mechanically abraded prior to tiling.
• Old concrete surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned
prior to tiling.
• Make sure all release agents are removed from
concrete surfaces, especially on tilt-up slabs.
• Porous/dusty surfaces must initially be primed using
Davco Ultraprime.
• Certain non-absorbent/contaminated surfaces can
be prepared for tiling by using Davco Ultrabond.
Movement joints should be installed.
Always install as per AS3958-2007. In general install:
1. Over movement joints in the background.
2. At a junction between different background
3. At fixtures interrupting the tile surface e.g. columns.
4. At internal vertical corners.
5. Around the perimeter of the tiling system.
6. At a maximum of 5 metre intervals in a grid pattern.
Note: Movement joints should go right through the tile
adhesive bed to the background and be kept free from
dirt and adhesive droppings. Must not be less than 6mm
nor greater than 10mm wide. All movement joints that are
6mm wide can be filled with Davco Sanitized®
Colorcaulk. For wider applications use Davco Davsil or
polysulphide and polyurethane type fillers. Refer to
AS3958-2007 for details.
• The mixing ratio is 20kg of Davco SE-7 to
approximately 6 litres of clean, potable water.
• When using with Davelastic, prepare a gauged
mixture of 1:1 Davelastic and water (3L each) and
use this mixture instead of just water.
• Place the water into a bucket and add the SE-7
while constantly mixing with a drill and paddle.
• Mix until a thick creamy consistency is achieved.
• Spread the adhesive onto the substrate using a
6mm x 6mm notched trowel for the installation of
wall tiles up to 150mm x 150mm.
• For the installation of floor tiles or wall tiles larger
than 150mm x 150mm, use a 10mm x 10mm to a
12mm x 12mm notched trowel.
• Tiles with lugs, grooves or an uneven back must
initially be butter coated with the adhesive, in
addition to the adhesive being trowelled onto the
• A 6mm x 6mm-notched trowel can be used to lay
mosaic tiles.
• For wall tiling a minimum final bed thickness of 2mm
is recommended, whilst for floor tiling a minimum
final bed thickness of 3mm is recommended.

• When laying tiles which are larger than 400mm x
400mm in size, Davco recommend the use of a
12mm x 12mm notched trowel as a minimum – back
buttering of the tile may also be necessary to ensure
greater than 90% coverage is achieved. Care
needs to be taken to ensure the adhesive does not
skin prior to bedding the tile.
• Can spread up to 2m2 of adhesive at any one time
on properly primed surfaces.
• Press tiles firmly into position before the adhesive
skins, ensuring that all the tiles are well bedded and
that no voids occur under the tiles.
• Occasionally, in order to ensure that full coverage is
being maintained, a tile should be removed, the
adhesive coverage noted and the tile be relaid
• Once the tiles have been laid, they must not be
disturbed or trafficked upon for 24 hours at 20oC.
• Grouting can be carried out 24 hours after the
completion of tiling.
• Use the Davco grout that best suits the tiling
installation. Refer to the Davco Adhesive and Grout
Selection Guide for further information.
• To enhance colour, increase water resistance and
flexibility of the grout, use Davco Grout Additive.
This is particularly recommended when grouting
over timber or fibre cement sheeted floors, to
minimise the likelihood of the grout
• Allow 24 hours after grouting before putting the area
into service.
• Do not apply in temperatures above 350C or below
• Do not allow the adhesive to skin prior to laying the
tiles. If the adhesive skins, remove and dispose of
it, then re-apply fresh adhesive.
• Contact ParexDavco (Australia) Pty Ltd for more
advice if considering using in areas or onto surfaces
not described in this document.
• SE-7 contains cement which is alkaline and can
cause dermatitis. It is recommended that
applicators wear PVC or similar gloves and safety
• Always read the MSDS before using. Contact
ParexDavco (Australia) Pty Ltd or visit the website
for copies.
A 20kg bag Davco SE-7 will cover approximately 7m2
using a 10mm x 10mm-notched trowel.
• Remove any excess adhesive from the face of the
tiles with a damp cloth, while the adhesive is still
• Clean tools and equipment with water before the
adhesive dries.
SE-7 is available in 20kg bags. Davelastic is available in
5L and 20L pails
Up to 12 months in unopened bags, stored in an
elevated, cool dry position.
Appearance: Off-White Powder
Bulk Density: ~1.35 kg/litre
Open Time at 200C: 20 minutes
Adjustment Time at 20oC: 45 minutes
Pot Life at 20oC: >2 Hours
Drying Time at 200C: 24 hours


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